Data protection

2.1 When entering your personal information required for registration, you are responsible for providing complete and truthful information. You are obliged to treat your personal access data confidentially and to prevent access by unauthorized third parties. The registration confirmation follows immediately after sending the registration by clicking the button.

You are solely responsible for the content you place in the accessible areas. This content must not infringe the rights of third parties.

You are obliged to refrain from any disruption to the website and any other use of the data beyond the scope of the respective intended use within the platform. Any manipulation for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized payments or other advantages to our disadvantage or to the disadvantage of other members can in particular - in addition to the legal consequences - lead to withdrawal

We are under no obligation to accept any registration or order from a registered customer. We are not obliged to keep our offer constantly available. Since the goods are produced by hand in Bali, the quantity is limited. Repeat orders can follow, but not for every article. Orders already confirmed by us remain unaffected.