My name is Noora Valentina Kazi and I come from the beautiful city of Lucerne. I have always loved wearing different bikinis and filling my suitcase with different bikinis.

Even as a child, I dreamed of creating my own bikini collection. However, up until now, my focus has been on education and my job. But I have never stopped working on my goals and dreams.

When I was 25, I gathered all my experiences, ideas and visions and decided to make my dream come true and design my own collection. I started drawing and was inspired by my experiences and encounters on my vacation trips. I really blossomed when I was implementing my bikini plans and it gave me great joy every day. I put a lot of work, energy and patience into my bikini dreams. That's why I'm even happier today to be standing here with my final bikini collection in my hands.

Since I have travelled a lot around the world, I have had the opportunity to get to know many countries and cultures. On my travels I was able to gather many impressions that inspired me when designing the bikinis. The island of Bali was particularly inspiring to me. I loved the creativity and diversity of the people, so I consciously decided to make the bikinis in Bali. Finding a suitable team required a lot of time and patience. Today I can say that my team does an excellent job and the collaboration runs smoothly.

In addition to the office job, Creating bikinis is exactly my thing. Since I have always been a creative person, I can let my creativity run free.

As I have progressed through the world of bikinis, I have not only learned how to design bikinis, but also a wide range of valuable skills. I have learned how to photograph bikinis and edit photos, which allows me to capture my creations in all their glory and present them professionally. Learning marketing strategies has also been crucial to getting my brand out there and successfully marketing my bikinis.

These skills I have acquired have not only been an asset to my business but also to my personal growth. They have opened up a whole new world for me and helped me take my passion for bikinis to a professional level. This journey in the bikini industry is not only a journey of creativity but also a journey of learning and self-improvement. I look forward to continuing to develop new skills and build my brand. No matter where this journey takes me, I am ready to embrace it with open arms! 👙📸🚀

The mission

Nookini's goal is to provide women in Switzerland with great bikinis. Whether slim or curvy, Nookini should make every woman feel "beautiful" and "sexy". We want to create a community in which our charming women have the opportunity to exchange ideas and push each other. Girls are stronger when they empower each other.