Recycling is sexy: Why you should wear recycled bikinis!

Recycling ist sexy: Warum Sie recycelte Bikinis tragen sollten!

Go Green with Recycled Bikinis!

Recycled bikinis are a great way to make a fashion statement while being eco-friendly. The search for a way to look eco-friendly and stylish can be fulfilled by purchasing recycled bikinis.

Our bikinis are made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles, fishing nets and fabric scraps, so you can be confident that your swimwear has no harmful impact on the environment.

Sustainable Swimwear

  • Made from recycled nylon
  • Biodegradable materials
  • Environmentally friendly dyes
  • Made from fishing nets and PET bottles
  • Super comfort when wearing
  • The bikinis do not cause itching

Nookni is not just about the product itself. Nookni wants to connect people and the environment. With our bikinis we can give something valuable back to the ocean as well as to poorer people.

What do our recycled bikinis look like?