Wanna create your own bikini?

Yes, this is also possible with Nookini. We try to appeal to as many women as possible. However, we are aware that we cannot cover everything 100%. From time to time new bikinis are integrated into our shop. PLUS SIZE and bikinis for girls is also a big topic, but patience and time are still required here. Therefore we would like to offer you to design your personal bikini, with our help of course.

With Selfmade - Bikinis you have the opportunity to choose the cut yourself, to choose the color and fabric and to print it if you wish. Of course, the masses are taken that it suits you perfectly! Details such as gold stoppers, rings, pads can of course be integrated.

It is important to know: The process can take up to 6 - 8 weeks, the price is calculated based on the specifications. Prepayment of 50% is required.

The advice can be given in person or via Whats app/mail.

We look forward to creating your bikini.