Which bikini suits me? Find out what body shape you have.

Explore the diversity of body shapes:

In a world characterized by individuality and diversity, different body shapes also play an important role. Every person is unique and the way bodies shape varies in fascinating ways. Immerse yourself in the beauty of diversity and learn more about what body shapes there are and how you can find the perfect balance between self-acceptance and fashion expression.

Classic body shapes at a glance: From pear to hourglass

The categorization of body shapes has led to terms such as pear, apple and hourglass, which highlight certain features. Discover the characteristics of these classic shapes and realize that the diversity of the human form goes far beyond these traditional labels.

  1. Pear shape: With the pear shape, the hips are wider than the shoulders and the weight is concentrated mainly in the lower part of the body. The waist is usually narrow.

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  1. Apple shape: The apple shape is characterized by broader shoulders compared to the hips. Weight is often concentrated in the upper part of the body. The waist may be less defined.

  2. Hourglass figure: The hourglass figure is characterized by a balanced proportion of shoulders and hips, with the waist being significantly narrower. The body shape resembles an hourglass, which results in a particularly feminine silhouette.

  3. Rectangular shape: In this body shape, the shoulders, waist and hips are approximately the same width. The waist is less defined, resulting in a straighter silhouette.

  4. Inverted triangle shape (also called V-shape): Here the shoulders are wider than the hips. The waist can be narrow or slightly wider.

  5. Oval shape: This body shape is characterized by a round stomach area, while the shoulders and hips are approximately the same width

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